Job Opportunities

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Bioimage analyst with an interest in business (sales, marketing, etc) needed! (1)
Postdoctoral position in Cutaneous Imaging at Vanderbilt (1)
Senior Bio Image Analyst position at Scionics (Dresden,Germany) (1)
Image analysis engineer position at the Institut Curie (1)
Scientific Software Developer and DevOps Engineer in Dresden, Germany (1)
Community Manager @ KNIME (1)
Image Analysis Expert for Microscopy at Universität Bern (Switzerland) (1)
Software Engineer | Smart Microscope Control Software Development (Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in SF) (1)
Open BioImage Analyst position at FMI Basel (3)
Open PhD position in Bioimaging at MLU Halle-Wittenberg (1)
Software Engineer for machine vision assisted connectomics @ HHMI Janelia (1)
GE microscopy sales specialist Berlin area (2)
Machine learning/image analysis position @ Cytomine not-for-profit cooperative (1)
Research Fellow in Medical Imaging - Histological Image Analysis, University of Birmingham, UK (1)
Bioinformatician with focus on research support on image analysis, Uppsala University (Sweden) (1)
Image Analysis Staff Scientist at FMP Berlin (Germany) (1)
Image Analysis Specialist (m/f) – In vitro Diagnostics (1)
Image analysis engineer position in human immuno-oncology - Institut Curie - Paris (1)
Bioimage analyst position at ULg-Giga Imaging Core facility (Liege, Belgium) (3)
Bio-Image analyst position at Scionics (Dresden, Germany) (1)
BioImage Analyst position Oxford (1)
Machine Learning Expert for Image Analysis at FMI Basel (2)
Image Processing Software Developer and Production Engineer (JAVA) Consultant (2)
Last minute opening for a PhD in bioimage informatics in Bristol UK (1)
Tenure track opening in the Biology Department at University of Richmond (1)
Ten permanent positions in bioinformatics and biostatistics including image analysis (1)
Open position: Imaging Specialist, Light Microscopy Facility, MPI-CBG, Dresden, Germany (1)
Image analysis postdoc at the Broad Institute (1)