A problem with Intro to ImageJ API

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Hi @ctrueden - I hope the hackathon went well - now I have a question about the tutorials that we were supposed to do for extra credit before your workshop :

I’m using ImageJ version 2.0.0-rc-56/1.51j, java 1.8.0_66[64 bit], on a mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.6

When I go to Fiji, New, Script
Templates, tutorials, Intro to ImageJ API

And I run it, the output is:

Started 01_-_Intro_to_ImageJ_API.groovy at Sat Mar 04 19:15:55 IST 2017
There are 1574 plugins available.
There are 241 menu items total.

And the warning in the console is:
[WARNING] Death Star approaching!

But I think that the following command did absolutely nothing:
// The status service is used to report the current status of operations.
status.showStatus(“It’s nine o’clock and all is well.”)

I did not change anything in the tutorial. So why would the showStatus method do nothing?



Never mind - it does show it in the status bar, it’s just very brief, so I had to run it many times to be able to get a glimpse of it.


Indeed. One way to see it is to add Thread.sleep(1000) after the status update call. Then you will see it for 1 second.

I have now updated the script on the master branch to illustrate the status service more effectively, including how to update the progress bar.


Thanks, Curtis - this works very well. The intro-to-menus must be in the Beaker notebook.