Apparent bug in 3D Structure feature in Trainable Weka

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When I select the Structure feature in Trainable Weka 3D, the features produced are labelled “Structure_largest” and “Structure_smallest” (for each sigma and for integration scale 1 and 3). These appear to be the lst and 2nd of the 3 eigenvalues of the structure tensor (I compared to the output from ImageScience.computeEigenimages(sigma,intScale,image) ). That is, the feature labelled “Structure_smallest” should really be called “Structure_middle” (to be consistent with the Hessian features), and the real “Structure_smallest” is missing. It looks like one little bit of code that hasn’t been adapted from 2D to 3D.

This is not important for my work, just thought I should make a report.

Regards, James


You are right. I will change that in the coming release. Thanks!


Done! The bug is fixed in Trainable Weka Segmentation v3.2.22.


Change of behavior of 3D Trainable in v 3.2.22:
Select a circular region as class 1, after training, the old version correctly plots the probability result as around 0.9 for the whole region. The new version only show probability along the edge area as 0.9 and has 0.4 for the center.
If we save the trained classifier and load again, for the same image, the probability result is around 0.5-0.8 while the old version shows as round 0.9 for the whole region.