Bioformats Importer

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I have macOS (v 10.12.5). I installed imageJ and plugins including Bioformats importer. All worked very well till yesterday. But now when I try to use the importer to open image files, I am getting an error message “sorry, there was an I/O problem during import” I am not sure what went wrong, I have a load of work to complete by this weekend. Any suggestions, please? Thanks


Dear @tvaithia,

could you check if the problem persists when you try to open the files with Fiji which already ships the latest Bio-Formats version?



Dear stelfrich,
Yes, I have the same issue…I wonder why it is…
should uninstall both and install Fiji only?
Thanks for your help

  • Does it produce an exception stack trace? If so, can you please paste it?

  • Can you share a sample non-working image?

  • In general, see this page for advice on writing helpful bug reports.

Note that you can report Bio-Formats bugs to the Bio-Formats team as described here. But they will need a sample image in order to reproduce the issue.