Blank window when attempting to open an image



When I try to open an image in Fiji, for some reason the image refuses to be displayed - instead I get a blank window. This only happens when I open a largish image - when i try opening smaller images they are displayed perfectly well.
However, the image which is giving me trouble is way less than the limit (2 gigapixels, 46341 x 46341) so there shouldn’t be a memory problem. Does anyone know why this happens?
I’m using Fiji 1.51V21, Java 1.8.0_66.
My computer OS is OpenSuse leap (Linux).

Thank you!
Debbie Rotman


Hey @DebR

First off… how are you opening your images? We recommend users opening their files using Bio-Formats … to be sure the metadata is read in correctly, etc. This is especially true for .tif files - see this page.

So you can try that - and again - we recommend doing this in general.

For the ‘blank’ window… is it all black? You can just check the Brightness/Contrast - just open that and click “Auto”.

Just let us know if either/both work for you.

eta :slight_smile: