BoneJ Slice Geometry Output

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Hi there,

I am having trouble with the BoneJ plugin. I am trying to use the Slice Geometry feature on an 8-bit slice duplicated from a larger DICOM stack. When I select Slice Geometry, nothing pops up. I have used this in the past (on a different computer), and I always got the pop up window with drop down menus and boxes to check for 2D/3D estimates, bone identification, etc. After clicking “Okay” on that, a new Excel file would pop up with the values I’m looking for.
Can anyone tell my why none of this seems to be happening? I have reinstalled the newest version of ImageJ, reinstalled the BoneJ plugin, and closed and reopened the program.

Thank you!


Hi D’Arcy! Have you solved the problem? I use Fiji with specially updated 3d Viewer, is your 3d Java OK?


This is likely to be a problem with your installation setup, see the FAQ