Bug in SCIFIO reading DICOM

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Hi all,

I think I found a bug with SCIFIO,
I attached here a DICOM sample which is a secondary screen capture made by our free and open source PET/CT viewer in Fiji (http://petctviewer.org)

This Image is read properly using the legacy dicom reader of Fiji but with SCIFIO the displayed image is clearly wrong (see the screen capture in attachement).

Hope this will help to debug,

Best regards,


NM000000.zip (409.2 KB)


Hi @Salim_Kanoun

Welcome to the Forum. Thanks so much for for sharing this information… Ideally, more details are needed to submit a bug report - specifics on the error, specific file format used, etc. Here is a guide for best practices in reporting a bug. Once you’ve collected the necessary details, you can submit an issue on Github here.

Hope this helps!

eta :slight_smile:


Thank you @Salim_Kanoun for filing the issue on GitHub. I cross-reference it here for completeness: scifio/scifio#347.