Calculating thickness for each slice of a stack

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Hello everyone,

I’ve recently been using BoneJ to analyse some stacks of CT scanned data for my PhD.

I’ve been using the thickness function, which returns the mean Tb.Th (trabecular thickness), which is the output I’m interested in. Running it on the stack returns a single mean value for the entire stack, however I would like to run it on each slice in the stack, so that I could obtain a mean thickness for slice 1, slice 2, slice 3, etc, all the way to slice n (n being the number of stacks). This would allow me to see the change in “thickness”, or effectively the change in mean pore diameter per slice.

I was wondering if there was a way of running the thickness function in such a way?

Many thanks!



Try BoneJ’s slice geometry, with the 3D thickness option enabled.


Thanks Michael,

I’ll give it a go!