Color deconvolution


I have already determined the color intensity with ImageJ. I chose the “DAB” in list of “colour deconvolution”. Now I want to determine intensity of NBT in cells. Which item from “colour deconvolution” should I choose?



I have not used this plugin myself… but looking at its documentation page it says you can enter values by hand
or define values interactively using ROIs. Would either of those options work for you?

@gabriel will know best though!!

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I do not understand the question, sorry. What images? What stains? What are you trying to find out?
“Intensity” of stain is not a reliable measure of product quantity unless you know the staining is stoichiometric (and DAB is not so).
If NBT is a chromogen (I can see that NBT is a type of cell too), you need to determine the colour vectors using the method descibed in the website Ellen has provided. You can input the vector values by adding it to the colourdeconvolution.txt file that is present under the /plugins folder (if you are using Fiji)