Drawing roi is slow

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Thanks very much, Herbie, for all your time and help.
I think this will be a useful work-a–round until I can find a better fix.

Thanks, again.



The slow ROI drawing is caused by an image drawing bug with 16-bit multi-channel composite color images in “Color” mode. You can work around the bug by opening the Image>Colors>Channels Tool dialog and switching to “Composite” mode.


Thanks Wayne,

as always: a more than prompt analysis of the problem!

Have nice Easter days



The latest ImageJ daily build (1.51m21) fixes a bug that caused drawing of 16 and 32-bit multi-channel composite color images, in “Color” mode, to be slow.


Thanks very much, Wayne!I will give it a go tomorrow and report back.
Thanks, again, Herbie and Wayne.


Good day Lucas,

I don’t use Fiji but with ImageJ you go like this:

Help > Update ImageJ…

In the then opening dialog select “daily build” from the drop-down menu:

In the end this will presently download version 1.51m22.




Yeaaaaaa… I absolutely did not see the ‘daily build’.

Anyway, updated and WORKS GREAT!

Thanks for everything, Herbie and Wayne.