EPFL BIG plugins moved to their own update site

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The ImageJ plugins from EPFL’s Biomedical Imaging Group have been split to their own independent update site.

The following plugins are included in this transition:

And the following supporting libraries moved with them:

  • imageware
  • MIJ
  • wavelets

These plugins and libraries have no dependencies on anything besides ImageJ 1.x, so they should be usable with or without the Fiji update site enabled.

The main reason we isolated these plugins is licensing: the BIG plugins are not open source, and must not be redistributed without permission from the authors. The Fiji project has that permission, but presumably it does not extend to transitive usage: so as long as Fiji itself (i.e., the sc.fiji:fiji component) depends on these plugins, no downstream projects may legally depend on Fiji without excluding the BIG plugins.

If anyone from EPFL—i.e.: someone with legal authority over these plugins—wants to step in and start maintaining this new BIG-EPFL update site, that would be wonderful—please respond on this thread here and we can discuss the best way forward.

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