Exporting MSD vs delay matrices to .csv/txt to compare MSDs between samples

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Hi @tinevez
I apologise for the novice nature of my question but I am trying to compare MSDs curves between samples. I have generated MSD plots for each sample in MATLAB but would like to export these matrices to compare MSD values at a given delay between samples. Could you please advise how this can be done?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi @James_Monkman

It is a matter of overlaying the two plots right?


I would like to extract the MSD values for say time delay 50, average them for the sample +/- SD and do the same for other samples to compare relative MSD values. Alternatively I could overlay the average MSD yes, but as I have many samples to compare this becomes quite messy. Is there a way to export the MSD values at a given delay?


Ok, I am a bit lost now.
What are you using for the MSD analysis?


Msdanalyzer in Matlab


I think that using the getMeanMSD method will give you what you want:

Results have the mean MSD and std for all samples, and are arranged per delay.