Fast Marching Algorithm

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Does anyone know a plugin to perform Fast marching algorithm in imageJ? Other than this.. I want to select initial seed point and end point. In above programme it allow me to select initial seed point but it doesn’t allow to select end point. It calculates the end point but the calculation method is not clear.

Level set plugin issue

Hi @Denuwan,

My best guess from what you’ve written is that you’re looking for something like the geodesic distance between your points. Look through what MorphoLibJ has available and maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If I’m wrong, please try to describe what your goal is in a little more detail.

Hope that helps


Hi John,
Thank you for your kind words. I an trying to apply fast marching algorithm to extract breast boundary from a mammogram as described in this
To do that I am searching for a plugin.


Hello @Denuwan,

Why don’t you write to the author of the Level Sets plugin requesting that feature? If you are fluent in java and know the algorithm, you can also adapt the code yourself and make a pull request to its repository.


Agree with @iarganda -
Level Sets plugin is closest to what that paper describes.


Dear Denuwan Vithanage,

as suggested: Just do the math!

You’ve encountered this topic a while ago in a slightly different context but evidently you are not a big friend of numeric differentiation …




Thank you all. I also think that I need to do the math…:slight_smile: