Fiji/IJ2/KNIME Learnathon 2017 - intense 7 day developer training - apply now or regret later!

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From June 18th to June 24th, 2017, the first dais Learnathon will be held at the CSBD (MPI-CBG) in Dresden.

Executive Summary of the text below: this will be an Fiji/IJ2/KNIME developer course. Imagine a hackathon with lots of guided project time… it will be amazing

This hands-on course will introduce you to developing within and for the Fiji, ImageJ2, and also KNIME ecosystems. Our aim is to introduce you to the core libraries and concepts behind those analysis tools, what software engineering infrastructure is commonly used, and how the existing community collaborates and communicates.

More specifically you will learn about IDE support, ImgLib2, SciJava, ImageJ ops, VisTools and BigDataViewer from a development point of view, KNIP node generation, and more. This library knowledge will be complemented by introducing you to Maven and our communities’ deployment cycle. We will not cover Java programming in general, nor programming with Fiji macro language.
During the last 2 days, we plan to work in groups on a number of real-world projects that should ideally result in Fiji plugins that will be made available to the general public.

Learning goals:
How to develop for Fiji, ImageJ2, and KNIME Image Processing (KNIP).
Getting to know the fundamental libraries.
Getting to know the available software engineering infrastructure.
Hack-days: bring your ideas, solve your problems!

All participants are expected to have experience using Fiji/ImageJ. Ideally, you should create useful scripts or macros within Fiji on a regular basis and maybe even come with some experience making your own ImageJ plugins.
All participants are expected to have either programming experience in Java, or experience with another object-oriented and template-capable programming language and the ability to pick up Java fast during the course.

:arrow_right: Register here and wait for our confirmation, then organize your trip!
Any questions? Go ahead, its a forum! :wink:

Maven archetype for SciJava/ImageJ2 Commands

Oh… and… did I mention that you should totally indicate this to people you think might benefit from it?!
Thanks! :slight_smile:


Wow - that sounds great! How much does it cost to register for the Learnathon?


Nothing. The costs you have to cover are: coming to Dresden + finding a place to sleep. (We can help you there, but you’d have to cover the cost.)
Does that sound fair?


Hi, thanks for organizing this. When does it start on the 18th ?

EDIT : just saw it (8:00)


It sounds very good to me!


But please apply until Sunday and wait for a confirmation. We have only limited space available…
Looking forward to be hearing from all of you,


Hi @NicoKiaru,
The start on Sunday will actually be in the afternoon. Not too much will happen that evening, It is more to get to know each other and go through the program etc.
Sorry for the misleading starting time on the website.



Hi there,
Are you planning to organize again this Learnathon in a near future?


Current plan says: next Summer! :slight_smile: