Fiji logo appearing every time I open an image

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Dear all,

I have manually set Fiji as the default program for all tif files.
However, when I double click on my images, the Fiji logo appears as if a new instance is going to be open, although in the end the image opens in the same instance. I do not want another instance, so that is fine, but this takes too long.

My feeling is as if Fiji was trying to open a new instance starts loading up, and then realizes there is already an instance and just puts the image there.

I have the feeling this didnt happen in my other windows computers, neither in mac.

Any ideas?

Thank you very much in advance to all!


Maybe check that Edit>Option>Misc>Single Instance Listener is ticked


Thanks for your reply!
This is in fact already ticked. (Another funny thing is right clicking on the Fiji icon on the taskbar does nothing, it does not open options or so )


Hmm maybe the Fiji installation folder resides in some system folder for which it requires some administrator rights…
You can try to download a new fresh installation that you unzip on the desktop and try to define this one as the application to open the image by default.