Forum server issues - registration and notification emails not sent

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The ImageJ forum server is currently experiencing some issues with sending emails:

  • Account confirmation emails as well as invites are sometimes not sent.
  • Notifications are not sent for updates and mentions in forum threads.

It will likely take a few weeks until this can be fixed by the administrators.

If you recently tried to register an account on this forum and did not get any email, please be patient and revisit this topic for updates.

In the meantime please use the following options to ask for help:

Did something change with settings and email notifications?

I spent some more time troubleshooting today.

I believe the primary issue is that our university’s mail server has been listed on the SORBS-SPAM blacklist since October 20, which roughly corresponds to when most people started noticing severe email delivery issues.

I have filed a request with our university’s IT group, which manages this mail server, to get us delisted from SORBS. If they cannot address the issue in a timely fashion, I will consider other options:

  • Switch to LOCI’s dedicated mail server. My hope was to migrate services away from that mail server in favor of a university-run server, but if doing so is not technically feasible then I can suck it up and keep maintaining ours.
  • Switch to a third party mail service such as SendGrid, SparkPost, Mailgun or Mailjet. These services are free for small numbers of messages; I can check whether the volume of this forum is small enough.


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I notice that according to the “emails sent” report (visible to staff only), the number of emails sent sharply dropped on October 28, and after that, nearly no emails have been sent. I do not know whether this corresponds to a Discourse version upgrade or not. The weird thing is that the dashboard report (also staff only) reports 988 emails sent today, 0 yesterday, 0 in the last 7 days, 3 in the last 30 days, and 102541 total ever. Perhaps the “today” statistic is somehow transient / computed differently.

The weird thing is that if the issue is only on the receiving side, then Discourse shouldn’t know it hasn’t been sending mails successfully… right? I am really hoping that today’s Discourse upgrade and related fixes will magically resolve this issue. :pray:

Edit: I believe the Discourse upgrade indeed changed something for the better. Gleaned from the list of sent emails (staff only), we have:

   1 3 hours
   1 Nov 3
   1 Nov 6
   3 Nov 29
   6 10 mins
   6 52 mins
  14 1 hour
 150 Oct 27
 967 2 hours

The “Oct 27” number is low, since I cut off the output once I got a few (150 it seems :stuck_out_tongue:) entries into October.

Those 967 “2 hours” mails are nearly all digest mails too, so it really looks like the system figured out that it hadn’t sent any emails in a long while, and has now started doing so again.

:sparkle: Hooray! :fireworks:


Indeed, I was receiving notification mails from your recent posts just now, and resending an invite that previously didn’t work now did send an email. Thanks a lot, @ctrueden :thumbsup: :fireworks:


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