How do I change Status Bar output? (sorry for the amateur question)


I have “Set Scale,” but when I create a square by holding “Shift” and dragging my Rectangle, the Status Bar gives me x and y coordinates and a “value” instead of the width and height of my square that I’m used to seeing on Fiji. As I draw the square, width and height pop up quickly but are replaced just as fast as the “value” reading. How do I manipulate the Status Bar to have it show me the width and height of my rectangle instead of this “value”?

Thank you! Hopefully this is an easy answer.



Hi @KellBellKC,

which operating system are you on and which ImageJ/Fiji version are you running (see status bar for information)? I can’t reproduce the issue you are describing.




You can read more on the Status Bar here (from the ImageJ User Guide). In that section it says:

“Toggling Calibrated Units: If a spatial scale has been defined in Image▷Properties… [P] or Analyze▷Set Scale…, selection properties are displayed in the Status bar in calibrated units. Resizing or moving while holding down Alt forces this information to be displayed in pixels.”

If you need the height/width of your ROI/Selection - you can always Measure (⌘M)… changing what measurements you do in Set Measurements.

For more intro stuff on ImageJ/Fiji - check out these links:

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Hey @stelfrich,

I’m on a PC, and just downloaded Fiji/ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-61/1.51n; Java 1.8.0_66 [64-bit] yesterday. If figured out that if I hold down Shift and Control together, it’ll show me the width and height in the Status Bar, but it’s so weird to me that holding Shift along doesn’t give me this alone. I’ve used Fiji on other PC’s and Mac’s and have never encountered this problem. I’ve attached a copy of my screen when I hold Shift alone, with “value” showing up where width and height should be on the Status Bar.

Thanks for you help! I really appreciated it!



Thanks, @etarena! I read that part of the user guide, but my program isn’t displaying the in the status bar in calibrated units of width and height (or at all). Measure is useful, but I need to see the width and height in action to crop each of my images the same. I’ll check out these links, though! Thank you so much!



I have tried to reproduce the issue you are describing @KellBellKC, but I have failed thus far. The selection in your screenshot does not seem to have handlebars, which means that it is not the currently active selection for which information is typically shown in the status bar.

When creating a new rectangle selection, the information should be shown in the status bar as long as you don’t let go of the left mouse button. Once you have created a rectangular selection, the information will only be shown when grabbing one of the handles on the selection for resizing and/or moving the selection around.

Could you try again with the new information and replicate the issue? If so, it would be really helpful to get a step by step description of your actions.



Thank you so much! I think I’ve fixed my problem. Have a wonderful day!



Would you be able to share your solution here? That way … if others come across the same issue, they can be more easily helped when searching the Forum…

Glad you have a solution!

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I second @etarena’s suggestion! :thumbsup: