How to get size distributions of continuous metal frames?

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Following is a SEM image of nanoporous metal, now we want to get the sizes distributions (ideally Normal distribution ) of metal skeletons. We have tried Plugins->BoneJ->thickness, but what we can get is mean size with deviation. So does anybody have some good suggestions?

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I can’t see the image you posted but will try anyway:

Sounds like you want to correlate skeleton branches with thickness. First step is to label individual branches: Analyze Skeleton may help you with that.

If the skeletons are separate, you can do a connected components labelling and measure each disconnected particle individually, or make a mask for the thickness measurements.


Hi - now I see your image.

You can get a full histogram of thickness values from the thickness map, just by letting Thickness run and then hitting [h] on your keyboard.


Many thanks for your help. It works!