How to make overlay title not selectable?

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Hi there,

We are facing a problem developping open source nuclear medicine application.

We are asking the user to draw a new ROI on a image that shows an overlay of the previous drawn ROI (stored in the ROI manager).
In this software the 2 ROI have to overlap (as we calculate separatly the common area).

The problem is this one :

  • We put the ROI label and name in the overlay as is :


  • The label area in the image is selectable, the problem is that the user can’t put a ROI boundary in the area occupied by the label, a click on this area give the focus to the label and remove the currently drawing ROI (see capture)

My questions are :

  • Is there a method to make the title non selectable ? (I didn’t find one in the javadoc, the flatten option won’t fit for us as it transform the image into RGB while we still need the original data).
  • If not, can it be considered in the future release of ImageJ ? As it will be a recurrent limitations for us in the future.

In short the curious point of the Overlay is that the overlay itself is not selectable, the boudaries of the ROI canot get the focus which is fine but the title acts diffrently and can be selected to move the Overlay with no option (as far as i know) to avoid this.

Best regards,



In the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51q40), overlay titles are not selectable when a new ROI is being constructed.


Wow, I tested the daily build and it is now perfect.
Thank you so much for fixing it so fast !