How to quantify signal on surface of ball-like shapes?


How is it possible to quantify signal on surface of ball-like shapes (cells) in 2D and if it is possible in 3D? Surface of ball-like shapes (plasma membrane) can be labeled in another channel. But the signal which I want to measure can be both on the surface and also inside of those shapes. Some cells have more signal on surface, some have signal mainly inside (intracellular). Is there a reliable way to quantify signal only on the surface of shapes?


Hi @1timur1,

If you can threshold the membrane you are done, just dilate (in 2D or 3D) your thresholded binary image for the membrane and you redirect to in set measurements. Similarly use 3D object counter, morpholibJ or 3D manager to do the same in 3D.




Thanks Thomas for reasonable solution. It should work. However, as I can think, in some cells, signal will be too strong (saturated, due to uneven transfection in cells) that intracellular signal may reach the surface (plasma membrane) and can be mistakenly counted as a signal on the surface. Can you think of a possible solution for this?