How to track a specific point on a stack of images after stack manipulation

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Hello everyone,

I’m a rather recent ImageJ user and I looking for some advice. I’m trying to perform -without success- an operation which seems to be a quite simple task but I don’t find any clue on the internet.

I have a stack of images representing an ant in 3D. I would like to track a specific anatomical point -let’s say the eye- after stack modification (e.g. reslice and moment of inertia).
Basically I just want to keep track of a specific voxel of my original stack after several stack manipulations. Maybe tracking is an incorrect word then, there is no proper time traking or form recognition involved.

The Point Tool doesn’t seem to work for that : even after adding points to ROIs I loose them after reslice or moment of inertia (well I don’t really loose them but I keep just their original xyz coordinates, which are not corresponding to the proper anatomical point anymore)

The Painbrush Tool would roughly do, but it modifies my images, which I try to avoid.

If you have any advice for me I would really much appreciate !



Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way to track eyes in my image stack as well.

Would really appreciate if someone helps us out here.

Thank you.