Image disappearing rapidly


I am using Windows 10 and installed ImageJ with java package in 64 bit. When I am opening it’s fine but when I use file-open image-I can see the image is opening but disappearing rapidly, when I check at the task bar I can see the image is showing in the Task view. I am searching for a while if anyone has a similar issue but have not seen any. So thought to post my issue with ImageJ to get some help.

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I just tried it an the image opened fine. In the past when I had problems like this, they were normally fixed by uninstalling and re-installing FIJI.

-Ben Smith


@Progenixsolutions Is it possible the window is being located off-screen somehow? What happens if you run the Window :arrow_forward: Tile and/or Window :arrow_forward: Cascade commands? Also: do you have multiple monitors? If so, try switching around their configuration and see if that makes a difference.


Thank you for your reply. I tried uninstalling and re-installing FIJI couple of times but the problem persisted.


That is not what I asked you to do. I asked whether Tile or Cascade helps with the issue. Reinstalling is highly unlikely to fix this issue for you.

I also asked whether you are using multiple monitors… are you?

You can also try Edit :arrow_forward: Options :arrow_forward: Reset… to clear your settings, and see if that helps.



My reply was to Llamero, not to you. Sorry, about the confusion.

I am using a laptop, single screen. I am used to with Windows 7 so not familiar yet with Windows 10, tried running cascade and tile commands but was not helpful. Will try to reset.
What is the right version of ImageJ to download for Windows 10 with 64 bit? Just want to make sure that is not an issue as well.



Looks like it is, as I can see the image on task view but not in working window.