Image sequence with different sizes

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Hi all,

I’m trying to import an image sequence of multiple files in a folder with different sizes. Is it possible to still open them ?



Good day,

afaik, in plain ImageJ not as a sequence!

You may open single images and adapt their canvas to create images of equal size.




The problem is that the 1st step of the pipeline is using the Grid stitching plugin and letting it calculate the overlap. Meaning that from experiment and even from timepoints, the canvas is different and can’t really be known previously :confused:

I already tried to crop and thought it would be enough but apparently not.


Does your stitching algorithm work with an image sequence only?

No clue



In the beginning all the images are the same size but the calculated overlap makes the result of the stitching a different size.

Opening them as image sequence would be for a next step.

Thansk anyway :slight_smile:


Hi @lguerard,

ImageJ2 should be able do this without too much trouble, though it’ll take some scripting.
I’ll have a crack at this later, unless someone beats me to it.



Hi @bogovicj

Thanks, that would be awesome ! :slight_smile:. I’ll be waiting then, there’s no (immediate) rush !


Hi @lguerard,

This script should do the trick:

It works on all the images that are currently open, and assumes the images are 3d.
If they’re 2d just delete these lines:

// set the axis labels

If they’re 4-or-higher-D, then this probably wont work and will need some fiddling.

Let us know how it goes,


Hi @bogovicj,

Thanks for the help ! I was looking at opening them as image sequence but maybe opening them first then making a stack is indeed better. I’ll try that and let you know ! :slight_smile: