ImageJ Shortcuts

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Hi, I am starting a new project looking at biological pictures and measuring distances and manipulating the pictures to look at calculate e.g. areas and perimeters of certain parts. There are around 20 variables I am hoping to measure for each picture and some variables take 3/4 steps, some variables require human judgement however many don’t. I am needing to go through a lot of these pictures and so i was hoping for a way to speed up by automation of the process. Is it possible to create shortcuts that do multiple steps e.g. binary->make binary + edit->selection + measure


You can combine the steps to a macro and assign a shortcut to it.

To get the macro code you can use the Command Recorder.


I have found how to do this. I was wondering if it is possible to have a shortcut that does more than one step? Or even better if i could press a button and the shortcut would measure the area of a circle and add it to an excel spreadsheet?

I am new to computers, what is a macro? or the command recorder?

Thank you for your response, Gavin