Is there a way to put results and raw stack of images together

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Hello Weka community,
I trained a model and applied it for a stack of image. The results are then saved in a file.
My question is:
I still want to compare the results and the raw images in the same windows, like we click on the “Toggle overlay” bottom do in order to further improve the model. How can I do this? It seems that it start with zero label when we load a classifier.


Dear @ZeliangSu,

Sorry for the late answer. What you want to do is called “overlaying”. More precisely, you want to use the result image stack as an overlay of the input image stack. Have a look at this post.


Good day,

here is a link to a Forum post that deals with overlaying a results table to an image:
The macro can easily be extended to stacks.




Thank you guys. I appreciate the solution using macro for this.