It is possible to draw multiple equidistant line within rectangular ROI and plot intensity profile in two channels


Dear all,

This is my first post.
I want to draw multiple equidistant lines within a rectangular ROI and the measure the plot profile in two channels. How i can do that? Do you know some plugin or Macro to preform this exercise. Apart from this i want to save the ROI with lines to use it for different image.

Please help me.

Thank you


Welcome to the forum, @mformanu9!

Like most macros or plugins this sounds like it will have to be built from bits and pieces of existing ones.

You will definitely find the ROI Manager useful for this task. It would help to read the user guide and macro commands on that topic, if you haven’t already done so.

To start you can have a look at this thread about making multiple equidistant copies of a line ROI.

Hope this helps.


hello Tswayne,

Thank you very much for reply. I goit some hints from previous quires from this forum and rest i did it from user guide. Problem is almost solved. Now i am working on making it generic. Thanks again.



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