JHDF5 github page?

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Hi All,

I am using the JHDF5 from ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5 for hfd5 loading and writing in java. Does anyone know the developers? I was looking for a github page where to post issues, but I could not find one…

Reason I am asking is because I got an error message related to handling large files and I would like to ask the developers what I could do about it…

Exception in thread "pool-2-thread-3" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Length is too large (12081328732)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.base.mdarray.MDAbstractArray.getLength(MDAbstractArray.java:414)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.base.mdarray.MDAbstractArray.getLength(MDAbstractArray.java:388)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.HDF5BaseReader.tryGetSpaceParameters(HDF5BaseReader.java:616)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.HDF5BaseReader.getSpaceParameters(HDF5BaseReader.java:567)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.HDF5UnsignedShortReader$10.call(HDF5UnsignedShortReader.java:567)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.HDF5UnsignedShortReader$10.call(HDF5UnsignedShortReader.java:1)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.cleanup.CleanUpCallable.call(CleanUpCallable.java:40)
	at ch.systemsx.cisd.hdf5.HDF5UnsignedShortReader.readMDArrayBlockWithOffset(HDF5UnsignedShortReader.java:591)


@Christian_Tischer not that I know of. You have to write an e-mai lto the author Bernd Rinn brinn@ethz.ch. Worked for me last time I needed a fix.