KNIME and ImageJ2: Flexible, powerful image analysis for large datasets (Seattle May 8, 2017)


Hi all,

ImageJ2 and KNIME Image Processing are organizing a joint meetup in Seattle on May 8, 2017. At this meetup Kevin Eliceiri (University of Wisconsin) will introduce ImageJ2, FIJI and the “ImageJ Ecosystem” as a suite of interoperable, customizable open source software tools. Christian Dietz (KNIME) will discuss KNIME Image Processing, an extension of KNIME Analytics Platform, for processing large multidimensional image datasets, and show how it seamlessly integrates with the ImageJ ecosystem. This meetup is open to everyone interested in image analysis in the life sciences, KNIME Analytics Platform, KNIME Image Processing, ImageJ2 and FIJI.

You can find more information here:

Looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!