KNIME Image Processing

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KNIME Image Processing

KNIME is the leading open platform for data-driven innovation. It also has an ImageJ integration as part of the KNIME Image Processing Plugin (KNIP) developed at the University of Konstanz.

KNIP allows you to model image processing operations as KNIME Workflow and inspect the results after every step.


Integrate image processing into your data analysis and take all your favorite tools with you:

  • ImageJ
  • R Scripting
  • Python Scripting
  • Feature extraction
  • Machine Learning (native and Weka)
  • Read and write to many different data sources:
    • Databases
    • XML / JSON
    • CSV
  • thousands of other nodes and possibilities

KNIP is supported on the KNIME forums and GitHub—you can ask questions and report bugs there.

Getting Started

  1. Download KNIME
  2. Follow the instructions on the getting started page


You can find example of what you can do with KNIP on our example page.

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