Measuring Stereo Pairs to get Distance to Object

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I am looking for a software or easy procedure to measure distances from Stereo Pairs.

I have mounted to cameras on the same rig, know the distance between the two, focal length /FOV and so on. The result of it is two movies showing the same object (from slightly different angles, obviously), and I want to measure the distance between object and camera.

Classical analysis I believe. But how do I do that practically and with which programme? The way I love to have it, would be to load the respective images in a software, do some scale marks and them mark the moving object once in view.

I am aware of the problem to pick the same frame of a moving object and I am sure I can manage that.

While I wont be present when the cameras are actually recording, the whole location is accessible and I can take references measurements from non-movable objects.

Best Fabian


Dear @Fabian,

I am not aware of any ImageJ plugin for that purpose. A quick web search has revealed the following pages that seem to be relevant to your task:



Hi Stefan,

sure I spend my standard hour on google and bing, and I am happy to share the mathematical papers I found on the topic. That is not my point. Since I dont have the programming skills (nor have MatLab), I wondered if there is a smooth programme which can already do this, with input of two images, a limited number of clicks, and out comes the result as plain text.

ImageJ is a wonder full software, Fiji too, but dont help atm.