Nd2 files appears distorted in ImageJ

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Hello guys,

I have some nd2 files from Nikon fluorescence microscope which I tried to open with ImageJ. I have the plugin “bio-formats” to open it. However when dropping to ImageJ first of all an exception window opens. After a while the images opens, but appears distorted (see attached image).
I also tried to update the plugin, but this didn’t work out.
Does someone has an idea what could be wrong and how to change this?
Thanks so much!


Dear @Sonja_Bergmann,

Could you check if the issue persists when you download the most recent version of Fiji from https://fiji.sc#download? Fiji already includes the latest Bio-Formats version. Also, there have been some changes/fixes to how ND2 files are read, including the issue that you are describing.



Thank you for your reply Stefan, I tried the newest version of Fiji however this gives me the same problem.
I tried to open another nd2 file, to check if it’s for all nd2 images. for the other file they image appears also as several images next to each other, however not distorted.

Has someone any idea what might the problem with my Fiji?


Then it seems to be an issue with Bio-Formats and (maybe) recent changes to the ND2 format. Could also please report the issue to the Bio-Formats team?