Newbie with fiji: Obtain each pixel value after threshold (circular objetcs)


I’m newbie with fiji, trying to understand a little bit how get each pixel value to export in excel
i check many functions in fiji, but the one which give me this result is only for rectangular or linear selection
I’m trying to assay pixel value after applie treshold , which in my case lead to a circular objetc

thanks for your help !
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Dear @lushka,

Please be more specific. You want to get the value of each pixel into Excel AFTER a threshold? You will only get either 0 or 255, but perhaps I have misunderstood.

To get all the pixel intensities as long as you’re not interested in their locations, the simplest you can do is to grab the histogram of the image through “Analyze > Histogram” then use the “Copy” button.

You can then do some statistics in excel.

If you want to keep the locations of the pixels as well, you can save your image as text using “Save As… > Text Image”

Without further explanations, we are unfortunately unable to help you more.



sorry, yes, i want the value of each pixel into excel after a threshold, and this threshold is circular or ovale
thanks ,