Pore characterization

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Dear Michael (@mdoube),

In a project, I’d like to classify the pores into “pore body” and “pore throat”. Basically, the pore body refers to the spherical pores between the grains (in geomaterials) and pore throat simply connects the two adjacent pore bodies. I was wondering if this option is available after skeletonization in bonej? If yes, how can I do that? I would require to obtain the center coordinates of pore bodies, their radii, length of pore throats and their radii. I have been trying Analyze Skeleton but not sure if that is the right option to work with.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kind regards,


Not at the moment. But this is not the first request for such functionality. Maybe between me, @rimadoma, and @iarganda, we can get something going. If I understand it correctly, you essentially want to find a local minimum of thickness along each branch of the medial axis - or potentially something more defined such as the minimum sphere radius centred on the medial axis. The Local Thickness algorithm might not be suitable for such an analysis because big spheres ‘beat’ little spheres. We might be able to do something like this with a modified Ellipsoid Factor, however.