Possible extract the slope equation from a graph


hi guys, just doing some research, and seeing if there are any hail mary solutions out there.
I am tasked with finding ways (as a proof of concept) to extract visually a mathematical equation from a photograph or an image. In this case, something basic like the slope intercept form of a graph.
As you can see from the graph, I am expecting it to be on a graphing paper, so the unit is clear, and the graph is likely of a different color.
Any quick ideas?


Good day Jess,

an image would be helpful and what is the purpose of your exercise?




this is the example of a graph I was referring to.


This is for an engineering class project for a visual graph solver. I am working on a proof of concept…



I’m sure you understand that I shall not solve your class exercise for you.

Therefore just some hints:
Color-filter (extract) the reddish graph line and determine its inclination.*
Color-filter (extract) the black coordinate lines.*
Determine the intersection points of the graph line with the coordinates.

*Color-thresholding may be a possible approach.

Good luck



Thanks Herbie - I can work from this. Problems are always more fun if you solve it yourself, I agree! :slight_smile: