Red and white setting and scaling


Hi everyone,

Me and a colleague at university measured gland activity using image J software and was able to get the black and white setting up. My colleague had used the older version of the software and was able to change it to red and white. Does anybody know, using the current updated software, how to change it to the red and white colour?

Also a question about scale. When we were analysing different gland paper it came up with erroneous results and was wondering if it had anything to do with the scale of analysis. All the papers analysed were 9x9 cm squared pieces of paper. Is there a way to add the size of what we are analysing to scale whats being analysed?

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A great place to start is by looking at the ImageJ User Guide. This is a very thorough overview of the functionality available in ImageJ. You can also check out the ImageJ wiki - another great place to find information.

I think for this all you need is the Channels Tool and then you can change the LUT of whichever channel you need.

You can read the available tools in the Scale section of the user guide… though I think what you want is the Set Scale tool, which will let you “define the spatial scale of the active image so measurement results can be presented in calibrated units.”

I hope this helps!

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