Saving an image in Tiff issue

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I would like to save a sequence of Tiff images (from an Avi sequence), on which I have drawn some lines with the paintbrush (painted on overlay on all images).

When I save them as Jpeg, it’s ok, the lines appear on the saved images.
But when I save them as Tiff, it does not work.
How can I make these lines appear on saved TIFF images?
Thanks in advance



Hi @Bill,

since your “lines” are drawn in the overlay, they will be stored as a separate overlay into the TIFF file. However, when exporting to JPEG, an overlay is automatically flattened (Image > Overlay > Flatten). The Flatten command will create an RGB image that has the overlay written into the pixel intensities which you can subsequently save as TIFF. Be aware that you cannot change elements of the overlay after flattening an image.