Single project offer


I am looking for programmers familiar with image processing software for a compensated project. I have some budget to pay for time, within reason. Most of the uses I’ve seen for Z stack processing are for microscopy, but my project is on the 0.1 meter scale. I want to automatically batch process ~40 images of a fixture moving in space at known z intervals (~25mm) to produce XY values of the fixture for each image. Ideally we would be able to marry these XY values with the relational data of the first 20 images (known Coordinate Measuring Machine XYZ data). Basically I’m wanting to measure position for the full 0.1 meter when I can only reach 530mm with a CMM.
Ideas, thoughts, or suggestions would be appreciated.
Robert Bell.


dear Robert Bell,
I am emanuele Martini and I work as image analyst and developer in an italian biological research campus, and when it’s possible also as freelancer

I could be interested in this project, if you would please contact me at to discuss further.