Surface and perimeter measurement


First of all, i am new with this type of software, so maybe this is a very simple task to do, but really i am a real novice on this. Mi objetive is measure the surface of minerals grains (crystals) and his perimeters (reactive area). In addition, do the same with the pores and fissures in the grain. What tools should i use for do this job?. In the image attached you can see a example, a plagioclase crystal with his fissures result of the mineral disolution, the scale is there too (upper left).

Any help (maybe a tutorial) will be apreciated




Use a segmentation method:

Many users are very successful with the Trainable Weka Seg. plugin:

Then measure the segmented different areas with the particle analysis (if you create a selection before only this selection will be analysed!):

Here is a similar question (just search the forum for segmentation)

Search the forum for more useful similar solutions (it’s already a valuable archive - and don’t miss the mailing list).