Sweat gland image analysis

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Hi all,

I am using ImageJ to assess the amount of sweat gland activated on iodine saturated cotton paper. Has anyone used this method before?
Do you know how I can scale the analysis, as the paper is 9x9, I select ‘find edges’ but do not think it scales it?

Any help would be great,



Hi @relf

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Two things:

  1. Can you post an image here for us to see what you are working with? To get an idea of what you need to measure, etc.
  2. For the Scale of your image, you can use Set Scale to “define the spatial scale of the active image so measurement results can be presented in calibrated units”. (Find Edges simply applies a “Sobel edge detector to highlight sharp changes in intensity in the active image or selection”.)

I hope this helps!



Basically we upload pics that look like this, the cotton paper is 9x9cm, died with iodine then put on the person to pick up the activated sweat glands (dots), ImageJ then counts how many.
Have to “find edges”, change to 8-bit, make binary then analyse particles. (From Gagnon et al, 2012 paper modified iodine).

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Would you be able to post an ORIGINAL image that you use to process via ImageJ? The image you posted has some sort of graphic in it as well…

But really - the workflow you are describing seems appropriate. Ideally - you would use auto-threshold methods … you can learn more on Segmenting with ImageJ/Fiji via this workshop and corresponding slides.