Trackmate does not display spots when loading file

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Dear all,

Since a couple of days I’m having trouble with loading my TrackMate files. The detected spots seem to disappear after 5-6 frames, so I can not edit the tracks anymore.
I’ve already tried a lot, including adjusting the TrackMate version in the XML files, since I’ve noticed that I am now using a newer version. The TrackMate version is 3.5.1-SNAPSHOT. Even when I start a new TrackMate file, save it and reload it, the spots disappear.

I cannot find the problem and it is really frustrating because I have many files with many cells that I’ve tracked.
Does anyone else have this problem? I hope someone can help me!


Hi @anne1.

This seems to be a bug. Can you send me one of the faulty XML file?


Thank you for your quick response
Can I email it to you? Or send it to you in another way? I cannot attach a file to my messages, yet.


I’ve installed older versions of imagej and trackmate and the same problem happens. Do you have an idea what goes wrong?
Kind regards


Not yet.
Can you send me the faulty file?


here you can find the link to a faulty file.
thank you very much for your time



Did you already have some time to look at my problem, about the disappearing spots? Thanks in advance


Hi @anne1
Sorry i did not catch the notification for the file upload.
I will look into this this week.


Thank you very much. If there is anything that I can do to help you find the problem, please let me know.


I have identified the problem. It seemed that for some of the files the z- and t-dimensions were not set correctly. After changing the settings, the problem was solved.
thank you though for your time


Glad it works!