Trackmate script to preview blob detection

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Hey everyone,

I’m using a script to automatically track spots in a batch of image sequences. I need to programatically change the Threshold parameter for each of my image sequences, depending on the number of spots found, if too many or too few spots are found i know i need to adjust the Threshold parameter. When we use trackmate manually there’s a preview button that can show the result of the blob detection for a given frame. How can I do that in my script?


Any thoughts on this one @tinevez ??

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The preview button just runs the detection on the current frame. So you will have to emulate that in your script.

My suggestion would be to simply call the detection on a frame with a low enough threshold, sort the spots you get by descending order of QUALITY and retains only the first N spots.

Would that work for you?


How do I call detection on a single frame? I have been using Trackmate for both blob detection and tracking. I could not figure out a way to do blob detection without performing tracking. And performing tracking on a single frame does not work either…