Trainable WEKA seg options OK button off screen

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I just updated the trainable WEKA segmentation plugin in FIJI for Win10 and the segmentations settings OK button is off the screen at the bottom so I can’t click it…Is there a workaround for this. I tried just pressing enter…but no luck.

Ron DeSpain


I didn’t see this issue yet, but as a workaround: did you try pressing Tab until the focus is on the OK key (you might need some trials if you don’t see it), and then press Space to execute it?


Thanks for the workaround. I noticed that the options dialog only goes off screen when I re-open an image and load in a saved model and data. When I re-run the segmenter the options dialog gets about half of the OK button height taller and pushes off the screen. Then when I load in the saved arff the options dialog gets about the same amount taller and pushes the buttons out of sight off the bottom of the screen. It looks like the load subroutines are stretching the options dialog. I don’t see any more choices, just a taller window. Maybe the window should be scaled to the screen height…just trying to help you trouble shoot :slight_smile: as I’d like to use the plugin to do a medical auto diagnosis program. I’ll need to be able to update the model in the future with new image features without loosing the initial training (an updatable model). Do you know how to do this?
Ron DeSpain


I am answering this and continue the conversation on its own topic.