Updated ImageJ Plugin for Eclipse Released

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I released a new update of the Eclipse ImageJ plugin based on ImageJ 1.51f.

Highlights are:

  1. Updated ImageJ to 1.51f.

  2. Reworked the ImageJ plugin view menus. Now all Imagej menus, nested submenus, plugins and macros menus are displayed correctly!

  3. Added a menu switch (menu ‘Window’) to open images in a Swing in JavaFX in SWT tab (future replacement for SWT_AWT). Images can subsequently be opened in fullscreen with: F1 = primary monitor true fullscreen, F2 = primary monitor fullscreen, F3 = secondary monitor fullscreen, F4 = tertiary monitor fullscreen, F5 = quartary monitor fullscreen.

  4. Plugins, scripts and macros are now displayed in their defined menus or submenus.

  5. All ImageJ Menus are updated dynamically to recognize copied scripts and macros instantly.

  6. Added two preferences to define the install location of plugins and macros (handy for shared team plugins or to avoid the deletion of plugins after an update).

  7. Improved plugin compatibility by going back to AWT in some dialogs.

  8. Improved AWT font size

  9. Embedded ImageJ2 libraries as an extra Eclipse plugin

Installation instructions and details at:

Screenshots with Eclipse Java IDE:

Some Bio7 relicts (menu relicts) are still present and will be removed in future releases. In addition more GUI improvements will follow.


I updated the plugin with some JavaFX improvements (memory fixes for stacks and images) and layout corrections (tab color, background color, etc. using the default Eclipse CSS).

Here a new screenshot:

If you have already installed the plugin just update with:

Help->Check for Updates

The default ImageJ plugin folder can be found in:


and changed in the ImageJ preferences.


I released a new version of the plugin which now integrates the lates ImageJ 1.51n.

New in 1.51n:

  • Updated ImageJ to 1.51n.
  • Added a fake editor to register (displayed as image icons) and open standard image files from the Navigator or Project Explorer, etc.
  • Fixed several bugs to convert image types

Please note that the update site has changed to github because of a certfication problem with Java and sourceforge.

New Eclipse Update Site: https://bio7.github.io/imagej/

If you have already installed the plugin for Eclipse uninstall first the old plugins before installing the updated version!